CellCura has brought to the field of Assisted Reproductive technologies (ART) a revolutionary product line that reduces risk and improves efficiency.

Protein Free (PF) Media from CellCura is unlike any other culture fluid currently in use as it does not contain any proteins or components of biological origin. The absence of HSA in the CellCura PF Media formulations eliminates the risk of contaminating gametes and embryos with pathogens from proteins of biological origin.

In the future, our Protein Free Media components will form the base formulation for a number of defined media tools that exhibit no batch variation, offering unrivalled reproducibility as “baseline” environments that are highly suitable for stem cell therapeutics.

Product Advantages

  • No animal/human origin components
    The absence of protein in the medium eliminates any transmission risk of blood borne diseases, resulting in a product that is far safer than the current culture media on the market.
  • Unrivalled product consistency
    Total batch-to-batch reproducibility is not possible for formulations using biologically derived or recombinant components such as HSA. Uniform media product performance will enhance treatment outcomes.

  • Superior product quality control profile
    The fully defined, all pharmacopeia grade component formulations confer the most precise profile in quality control testing, offering a new standard in product quality.
  • Better product stability
    Better product stability and ease of manufacture facilitates delivery to the local market. Optimized distribution system from manufacture makes product readily available.